Something So Personal About Rich Robinson's Abstract Artwork

Maybe you wanted to make it to the opening event for Rich Robinson’s art show, and if you were lucky, you were able to be there. Either way, it was great to see Rich sharing his art and talking about his process. There’s something very personal about this work. There’s a vibrancy and movement to the oil on board paintings imbued with symbolism and soul.

As the co-founder of the seminal rock band, The Black Crowes, many people know Rich Robinson as a guitarist, songwriter and musician. His new band, Magpie Salute, has been on a big tour across the US and Europe, and we were fortunate to have them in town for a concert the following night. It was really nice to see how his band mates showed up to support him at the art show.

Rich is a true talent both with his music and his artwork. If you might have an interest in owning one of his paintings, please reach out. If you’d like to see the exhibit in its entirely or receive a list of paintings, again just let me know.

A partial showing of the artwork is on display through October at Cambria Gallery, 3096 Roswell Rd, Atlanta, GA 30305. Hours: Monday to Friday 10 to 6 and Saturday 10 to 5.

Feel free to click on the public Facebook post below to see photos from the show!