The thing people don't talk about when buying art

You’re decorating. Maybe you hire a designer, maybe you enjoy doing it yourself. When it comes to buying the artwork for your home, there’s something people don’t talk about. It may be something you’ve never identified, but deep down you feel it. Buying art is a commitment.

It’s a commitment to have a long term relationship with a piece. LTR. No wonder you are hesitant.

This art is going to say something about you... about your aesthetics and your taste. It’s going to make an impression when others come visit.

More importantly, you’re gong to live with it - for a very long time!  No wonder you have to fall in love.

Like the proverbial how to balance your checkbook, how to choose art is not something most of us are born knowing.. Or taught in school. 

Yet over the years, I’ve found people know what they like... what appeals to them… and what they can live with.. want to live with. There's an art to discovering it, a mix of listening and observing, a bit of trial and error.  And eventually it takes shape, and we find that piece that speaks to them and never grows old.

I know that some people want to know the story of the piece, while others want to know the artist’s story or process. I know that some are drawn to colors, textures, movement or light. Yet all are drawn to an underlying emotion, a palpable connection.

I want to let people know that it’s okay to start from where you are - as someone passionate and versed in art - or newly curious with a budding desire to find something wonderful and unexpected.

I love to help in this journey - cognizant of what will bring you a connection, that spark and inspiration that will let you fall in love, and develop a lasting relationship with art.